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If you’re looking for a team of Wellness chiropractors in Chamblee, Decatur, Stockbridge or Gainesville areas with a holistic approach, you’ve found the chiropractor!

Addressing more than just your symptoms is the  first step towards better health! In addition to resolving your symptoms, Dr. Holloway mission is to provide high-quality, convenient, cost-effective care to help families and individuals of all ages to stabilize the nervous system to help your body heal itself, restore function, and perform at its optimum level.

Dr. Holloway and Dr. Hughley one of many chiropractors in the Chamblee, Stockbridge and Gainsville areas offering such a diverse skill set:

➡️Intervertebral spinal Strengthening/Flexibility/Yoga        
➡️Activator Technique                                        
➡️Functional Neurology     
➡️Nutritional Response Testing                         
➡️CBP Technique                                             
➡️Webster Technique

Dr. Holloway and Dr. Hughley have had success with patients in Chamblee, Decatur, Stockbridge, and Gainesville areas suffering from a myriad of chiropractic and nutritional disorders, including (see a complete list):

●  Neck and Back Pain                                       
●  Digestive Complaints
●  Chronic Pain                                                   
●  Chronic Fatigue/Low Energy
●  High Blood Pressure                                      
●  Diabetes
●  Car Accidents and Injuries                             
●  Mild Cerebral Palsy
●  Autism                                                            
●  Pediatric Disorder
●  Scoliosis                                                         
●  Pregnancy

The doctors at WAWCHIRO intentions are to equally address muscular imbalance, spinal misalignment, nutritional deficiency, toxicity, stress and lifestyle choices so that patients have All the Best non-surgical, non-drug treatment options needed to get well and live optimally. You will benefit from a more balanced body where pain and symptoms are alleviated, posture improves, movements are easier, and better health is achieved.

The primary goal of their practice is to empower individuals to maximize their life’s potential. As  Wellness chiropractors, Dr. Holloway and Dr. Hughley effectively reduce pain and increase overall health for their patients.
Affordable rates for cash paying patients, discounted family plans as well as low co-pays for insurance members help to make their services available to all people.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are available by phone or email to answer any health related questions or to put you at ease with your choice to begin Chiropractic care.

678-395-7646                                       470-255-2255