Dr. Tabitha Hughley

Dr. Tabitha Hughley

Doctor of Chiropractic

As a teenager, Dr. Hughley experienced terrible migraine headaches that would increasingly become debilitating. After a year or so of seeing specialists and trying to manage the symptoms with various medications, she asked her mother if they could try chiropractic care after researching the various conditions the care could possibly address. Her mother agreed and made an appointment the following day based off a friend’s recommendation.

 Dr. Hughley fondly points to her first interaction with a chiropractor as the turning point in her life. She remembers being amazed with the level of knowledge the doctor had on migraines as well as how the chiropractor was able to detect areas in the back of her neck that seemed to reduce the symptoms significantly.  After her first treatment session, she remembers feeling the migraine pain slowly decrease in intensity and felt a jolt of energy that she never experienced before. She then turned to the chiropractor and said “Wow, I want to do that for people.” After completing the recommended treatment program and with monthly chiropractic care, she remains migraine free. 

Being a native of Atlanta, Dr. Hughley decided to complete her education in-state and receive her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Valdosta State University in 2007. With the commitment to put her all into everything that she does, Dr. Hughley graduated with honors (Magna Cum Laude). Shortly after completion of her bachelor’s degree, Dr. Hughley continued to pursuit her dream of become a chiropractor by enrolling in Life University. Based on the level of work and commitment to the profession during her tenure at Life, she was nominated for the Clinic Excellence Award in the spring of 2011 and also graduated Magna Cum Laude once again.

After graduating from Life University, she worked as an associate doctor for 8 months then became the Clinic Director of the Chiropractic division of a multidisciplinary clinic in Covington, GA. She then became the Clinic Director of Jonesboro Chiropractic and Rehab in Morrow, GA specializing in the education and treatment of personal injury using a drug-less, non-invasive chiropractic approach. Deciding she was ready to open her own practice, Dr. Hughley partnered with Dr. Roger Holloway to create the Decatur location of Wellness Around the World Chiropractic and the rest is history.