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"My son was born prematurely at 36 weeks.  There was concerns for his hearing and breathing at birth.  He even tried to pull up and walk early around the ninth month.  He seemed to be okay until he was 9 months old. After a rough time through what seemed like the flu, my son suffered a grand mal seizure.  This seizure lasted for well over 20 minutes.  He stopped breathing at the hospital and was air lifted to the University Hospital in Jackson, MS.  He was in the hospital for a week in the Children's Hospital for testing.   We were released with no real diagnosis.  A month later, he developed RSV.  This time we were in the hospital for almost two weeks. 

During his second year of life, my son experienced at least ten grand mal seizures.  We begin going to a pediatric neurologist which unofficially diagnosed him with a mild cerebral palsy.  After 6 EEGs, a CAT scan, and 5 MRI's, this neurologist saw an overactive area on his grey matter at the back of his brain even when put under anesthesia.  There was concern of whether he would walk or talk.  He was prescribed Levetiraceta 100mg for his seizures, montelukast 5 mg for allergies, a daily vitamin, daily Robitussin DM,  and cetirizine hydrochloride for allergies.  It was determine that his seizures were brought on mostly by fevers with his pulse oxygen never getting above 92% and any point.  He has also been given botox shots in his left arm and leg to keep him flexible.

He developed eczema and more medication was prescribed.  We tried physical therapy and was told that the main issues he had were sensory.  They used weighted vest, massage using vibrating stimulus along his spine and legs, and several exercises.  These sessions were expensive and the insurance only paid for three sessions.  I was told to buy a trampoline and swimming pool for home.   After the summer of using both of these, my son begin taking steps at three years old.  He was put into the Early Intervention program which sent occupational and speech therapist to our home.  He beginning saying some words at 45 months old. 

At four years old he was taken out the Early Intervention program and put into the local school system's program.  The seizures continued the next year.  At this point, he begin seeing Dr. Holloway as a study case.  My son seemed to respond to each session with Dr. Holloway.  At first, my son was monitored and his diet was changed.  His eczema got better first with less break outs.  His seizures didn't last as long anymore.  Dr. Holloway began adjustments and slowly his pulse oxygen levels improved after a year to 99%.  My son has since has not had a seizure in the last year and a half.  He has begin to write and read at a delayed pace.  This is something I only hoped for two years ago.  He is now a month away from his eight birthday.  He is off seizure medication, walking, and talking with great ease.  He continues to have some learning problems, but he continuously masters goals set by his SPED teachers in short times.  He now only receives speech therapy.  He looks forward to his sessions with Dr. Holloway, and makes progress faster than his other doctors could only hope.  I am truly grateful for all the progress made in these last three years."